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A Little About Dale (and Blue!)

Hi! I’m Dale Perry and….huh? Excuse me a moment. What Blue? I’m writing my Author Bio right now and am sort of busy. What? You want to have your own bio too? Yes, I know you are the star of the book and that it wouldn’t exist without you but I was the one who wrote it all down for you. Yes. Yes, I know I’m very privileged to have been given this opportunity but, hey wait a minute mister…don’t you stamp your feet at me! Fine. I can see this is going to be a losing battle so go ahead, start typing in your bio right here.

 Ahem. Hi friends! As you have already heard, my name is Blue and if it wasn’t for me and my friends and fellow spy bunnies, mommy wouldn’t even have a book. In MY book you will watch my transition from a scared and insecure bun into a confident international spy bunny. My favorite part of the book are the lessons I learn along the way. For example, I meet a lot of very different looking buns during my travels but I learn that it’s not the color of our fur or the length of our ears that matters; it’s what in our hearts that connects all of us. I hope you learn some things from all of my lessons and enjoy some laughs along the way. We’re pretty funny buns who recognize that there is a time for work but definitely a time for play. Ok, mommy is lurking over my shoulder so I need to go now. Hooray for the Super Bunny Club! 

So, what was I saying before I was interrupted by Blue? I should point out that his behavior and attitude are perfect examples of how tenacious and bossy bunnies can be when they really want something. You should see what happens when treats are being distributed. 

Anyway, a little about me: I’m a wife/ step-mom/ cool aunt/ sister/ friend/ Ph.D. scientist/ coach/ writer and, most importantly, the hoomin of a very special spy bunny named Blue. I’ve had rabbits since I was a little girl but Blue is the first bunny with his own Instagram account (@abunnynamedblue) and bun friends all over the world. While Blue’s dreams of becoming a race car driver have always been obvious, I was a bit surprised when he met three identical lop-eared friends from Hungary (Agent Rupert), the Netherlands (Dino), and Belgium (Smurfy) and declared himself a member of their international spy bunny team. Once that happened, my book pretty much wrote itself as they are very busy bunnies with many stories to tell. I hope you enjoy learning more about the secret world of bunnies and that Blue’s lessons about kindness, friendship, honesty, and gratitude inspire you to be a better hoomin. When I’m not managing Blue’s instagram account or catering to his every whim, I love spending time with my husband and step-daughter, traveling, cheering on Clemson University (Go Tigers!), protecting the environment, petting animals, yoga and my Peloton, and reading. 

Long live the Bunited States!

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The Adventures of the Super Bunny Club brings to life the exploits of these bunnies, who are true superheroes.

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Well written, with charming illustrations, this is a fun way of approaching children with the notions of friendship and persistence. Looking forward to seeing more books about this bunch!
This is such a wonderful book for children and I loved it as an adult! Written with wit, kindness and compassion. It’s so important for everyone to embrace the good. These bunnies are REAL life rabbits and they are leading the way. Thank you, Dale, for writing about them so we can all share in a bit of their world. Beatrix Potter would be proud!
This well-written and engaging book is written by a bunny’s hoomin, Blue’s hoomin, to be precise, and each of the bunnies in the Super Bunny Club is patterned after Blue’s real-life friends — how much more authentic can you get? Perry’s plot is fun, and the characters are amazing. Peter Wilks’ illustrations work so well with the story and showcase the bunnies and bunny behavior most eloquently. Adventures of the Super Bunny Club is most highly recommended.
Jack MagnusReader’s Favorite

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