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Hi from KnowYourRabbit

Hi new friends! I am Michele and my bun-buns are Pudge (who is feaatured on this site! Yay!) and Banjo, our newest family member. Both […]


Bunny Health & Care

Bladder Sludge

Hi friends, As you may or may not know or remember, Blue almost lost his life this summer when he had horrible GI stasis but […]


Meet a Bunny Buddy

Meet Fee and Jamie, two lop bunnies who are living their very best lives in Germany!  Jamie has splayed legs in the front but he […]

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The Adventures of the Super Bunny Club brings to life the exploits of these bunnies, who are true superheroes.

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Well written, with charming illustrations, this is a fun way of approaching children with the notions of friendship and persistence. Looking forward to seeing more books about this bunch!
This is such a wonderful book for children and I loved it as an adult! Written with wit, kindness and compassion. It’s so important for everyone to embrace the good. These bunnies are REAL life rabbits and they are leading the way. Thank you, Dale, for writing about them so we can all share in a bit of their world. Beatrix Potter would be proud!
This well-written and engaging book is written by a bunny’s hoomin, Blue’s hoomin, to be precise, and each of the bunnies in the Super Bunny Club is patterned after Blue’s real-life friends — how much more authentic can you get? Perry’s plot is fun, and the characters are amazing. Peter Wilks’ illustrations work so well with the story and showcase the bunnies and bunny behavior most eloquently. Adventures of the Super Bunny Club is most highly recommended.
Jack MagnusReader’s Favorite

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