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  • superbunny

    Hi friends, As you may or may not know or remember, Blue almost lost his life this summer when he had horrible GI stasis but also a bladder full of sludge. Since then he has been on medication but I was wondering if there were any natural remedies that folks use or know of? He hates getting a syringe every day and honestly, I can see that it’s making him hide and be aggressive because no matter how many treats or how much love he gets, he knows deep down that I am eventually going to pick him up. I give him Sherwood GI treats but who knows if they do anything. Blue likes them though and they aren’t unhealthy so I figure why not?!

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    • Elodie Trunet

      Hi Dale,
      I have recently read that some water poor in minerals could help for that, like the one used for baby milk… that’s an idea maybe?

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