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  • Michele Ross

    Hi new friends! I am Michele and my bun-buns are Pudge (who is feaatured on this site! Yay!) and Banjo, our newest family member. Both are boys around 2 years of age. Pudge is an adorable holland lop and Banjo is a beautiful dutchie. I started KnowYourRabbit.com a few months ago with a goal to provide education, support and community for house rabbit hoomins. I just read Adventures of the Super Bunny Club and thought it was fabulous! I giggled out loud several times and I just love that the characters are our IG (i mean PictoBun) friends!
    I too have found the worldwide bunny community to be a wonderful group and we are pleased to now also be members of the SuperBunny Club! Pudge and Banjo want to be spies too—but their only vehicle right now is a taco truck, which is not very spy-like. Please follow us on IG too!! @KnowYourRabbit.

    Happy to meet all of you!

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