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Hello, my name is Pudge of Know Your Rabbit fame and fortune. I am a two-year-old Holland lop who stole my mom’s heart and made her change careers to speak out for house rabbits! I live with a German Shepherd Wolf Sister and will come running from anywhere in the house when I hear the word “bedtime” because I know that means the cilantro is coming! I will also circle on command for my breakfast salad and give kisses too but really I’m just tricking the hoomins into getting what I want.

My mommy made our website because when she first got me, she didn’t know that much about rabbits and wanted to make a place where it was easy to find the right information. There is SO much helpful information there about all the important topics that hoomins should know about if they are lucky enough to have a bun living with them. You should check it out! There is also a section called Forever in Our Hearts for all of those bunnies that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She is happy to add your pictures and words there so your loved ones will always have a place to be remembered.

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