Meet Winston



Hai! I’m Winston! I does be a holland lop fwom Prince Edward Island, Canada! During mine Illustwious and Effer-Expanding Career, I haffs been a moofie star, fluff model, olympic champ, astwonaut, ninja, and pawt-time libwawian, as well as taking mine place as da undispooted monarch of da Kingdom of Winstonia. Master to four hoomin serfants who are nice enuff, but not da longest hays in da bag. Official bunny ambassador to da Moon Aliens and Nana Monkeys. Spokesperson for Bunnyspit Pro™️. Wildewness Surififal Expert. Hand ofer yous bananas or expect to find poo in yous shoe. Yous might as well rub mine head while you’re here… oh yeah… wight dere…

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